As details of the new national standards for menuboards and nutrition information begin to emerge from last spring’s healthcare legislation, Texas Digital and its digital signage solution, VitalCAST, are prepared to help restaurants meet these requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner through the use of digital menuboards.

The legislation will require all quick-serve restaurants with 20 or more locations to comply with certain standards on menu nutrition labeling, with the goal of helping consumers make better dining choices for themselves. Even franchisees who own only a few locations will be affected if the total number of brand stores is 20 or greater.

VitalCAST is a turnkey digital signage solution that lets restaurants control a series of digital menuboards either on-site or from a regional or corporate location. Regular menu items, limited time offers, high-impact graphics, videos, and more can be easily and quickly combined to deliver an eye-catching menu to customers. Price changes and product offerings can be changed with a few clicks of the mouse and delivered almost instantly to any number of screens.

“VitalCAST already has the ability to display nutrition information, and the dynamic nature of digital signage makes updating that information very simple,” says Dennis Davidson, president and COO of Texas Digital Systems, Inc. “As the FDA determines the specific details of the nutrition regulations, we are prepared to take a leadership role as the most beneficial and affordable way to display required nutrition information.”

Digital menuboards have several advantages over traditional static signage. First, changes can be made quickly without waiting for static translites to be designed, printed, and distributed to multiple restaurants. Second, the ability to incorporate moving images and deliver specific content at certain times takes targeted marketing efforts to a whole new level. Additionally, VitalCAST offers a powerful reporting feature that allows restaurants to analyze screen data to verify that each location is operating within federal or other regulatory guidelines. Lastly, the flexibility of VitalCAST digital menu boards will make it easy for operators to comply with legislation as it inevitably changes over the next few years.

“Texas Digital’s goal is to make this transition as easy as possible for quick-serve restaurants,” Davidson says. “Although the guidelines of this legislation are not yet finalized, Texas Digital will stay on top of the latest updates, and will continue to accommodate and alter our software to meet restaurants’ needs.”