Vitamix was recently recognized by Coffee Fest at the Tinker’s Minute awards event for The Quiet One, a powerful, premium blender, providing unparalleled sound reduction. The product’s exclusive sound reduction earned Vitamix a first place new product award in the non-consumables category.

“It’s a great honor for Vitamix to receive this award for The Quiet One’s sound reduction capabilities, exceptional blends for a consistently superior product, and significantly improved speed of service,” says Peter Wnukowski, northeast regional sales manager, Vita-Mix Corporation. “Vitamix is very proud to be involved with Coffee Fest this year and in previous years.

Each year, Coffee Fest holds the Tinker’s Minute competition at Coffee Fest to recognize new products in both the consumables and non-consumables categories for industry innovation. The Tinker’s Minute competition provides each participating company exactly one minute to make its pitch for the product nominated. In 2010, Vitamix’s The Quiet One was chosen out of 21 entries in the non-consumables category as the first place winner.

The Quiet One was specifically created for coffee and smoothie shops, as well as high-end bars and restaurants. It’s ideal for any front-of-the-house environment due to its dramatic sound reduction capabilities. According to third party testing, it operates at 18 decibels below its closest competitor on milkshake recipes. Based on that testing, The Quiet One is perceived as being four times quieter than its closest competitor.

The Quiet One’s innovative door seal design, coupled with patent-pending floating technology, significantly reduces vibration transmission and improves airflow. The combination dramatically reduces the amount of sound produced during blending while maintaining the drink quality expected from a Vitamix.

For more information on Vitamix’s The Quiet One, or to hear the difference, visit or call1-800-4DRINK4.

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