Introducing an intensive cleaner individually packed as tabs for an effective cleaning of commercial deep fryers—the VITO tab. The German-made deep fryer boil-out removes burnt in grease and oil from commercial deep fryers and stainless steel accessories.

Only three simple steps to implement into the working routine of every kitchen.

“Let your deep fryer shine like new and save energy, time and money. Boil-out your fryers regularly to prevent burnt in carbon, a malfunctioning thermostat and sticky assesories. A clean fryer leads to a better oil quality, therefore a better tasting fried dish and reduction in energy need,” says Felix Amrhein, CEO of VITO Fryfilter, Inc.

Years of experience show, that cleaning the deep fryers with an intensive cleaner like the VITO tab is the optimal addition to testing the frying oil quality with the VITO oil tester and filtering it with the VITO oil filter system to assure a high quality frying oil for best results. For more, email or call +1 847 859 0398.