Viva Chicken is known for serving up the hottest, freshest chicken possible. Now the South’s favorite fast-casual Peruvian rotisserie joint is bringing the beef with three new steak-focused, Asian-inspired additions to its menu, each available for a limited time (Monday, November 8 – December 14).  

Two of the dishes are new twists on popular menu items previously offered at Viva Chicken – the Lomo Saltado (formerly known as the classic Saltado) and Wow Lomito. 

Featuring tender, marinated sirloin, onions, tomatoes and cilantro, the Lomo Saltado is Viva’s take on one of Peru’s most popular stir fry entrees. The Lomo Saltado is served over Jasmine rice and french fries, which are the customary accompaniments in Peru. 

The Wow Lomito is a flavorful sandwich packed with marinated steak, sauteed onion, tomatoes, rocoto mayo and a warm, soft toasted ciabatta roll. 

Joining the Lomo Saltado and Wow Lomito on Viva’s limited-time menu is the Chinito Saltado, a Chifa-style stirfry dish with tender sirloin, onions, tomato, herbs and french fries atop Viva’s signature arroz chuafa (Peruvian fried rice with red peppers, green onions, eggs, ginger and soy sauce). Chifa cuisine is a fusion of traditional Cantonese elements fused with Peruvian ingredients. 

The Chinito Saltado and Lomo Saltado are available for $15.25, while the Wow Lomito is available for $12.95

Viva Chicken co-founder, Chef Bruno Machiavello, designed all three dishes to showcase the Asian influences found in his native Peruvian cuisine and meet the demand for steak-forward options at Viva. 

“Pollo a la Brasa will always be our signature item, but we hear from guests all the time – ‘’we love to Lomo Saltado’ or ‘the Wow Lomito is my favorite sandwich,’ so we wanted to bring both of those back for our loyal customers,” says Machiavello. “All three of these items take me back to my childhood in Peru. Our cuisine is heavily influenced by Asian cooking and these dishes highlight those flavors, which you can find every day on the streets of Peru.” 

The limited-time menu items are now available at all Viva locations and can be ordered online at or through the Viva Chicken app. 

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