The wide-reaching social restrictions in the U.S. caused by the continuing spread of COVID-19 have already had devastating effects on bars and restaurants. Many have been forced to close, and many of the ones that are still open have shifted gears to be able to offer take-out and/or delivery, even if they normally don’t and are not exactly equipped for it. In a demonstration of admirable resilience, they make it work so they can still serve their customers and communities while fighting to survive this crisis without having to close their doors permanently.

In support of all the brave but struggling businesses that are continuing to offer food around the country, The Vollrath Company encourages everyone to contribute by supporting their favorite local spots on social media and participate in #OrderPicPost. It’s a simple, three-step process.

Support Local Restaurants



Purchase take-out or delivery from a local restaurant.

2. PIC

Snap a picture of your food or a selfie of you enjoying the food.


Post the picture to your social media platform of choice. Tag the business’ page and use the hashtag #OrderPicPost.

Being visible on social media will keep these businesses top of mind and encourage others to order. The posts will boost not only their businesses but their morale, which in tough times like these is just as important