Vollrath Company introduced a new collection of easy-to-use breath guards with its 6-Series Velocity Adjustable Breath Guards that use a simple push-button mechanism to raise and lower the moveable tempered glass panel with a single operator.

The Velocity breath guards come with eight preset settings that ensure consistent spacing and appearance across units and serving lines for NSF, full-serve, self-serve and cleaning positions. The angled positions are preset to NSF regulations that eliminate measuring and the need to dismantle for adjustments or cleaning. This allows for quicker turnarounds for different serving situations.

“In the current health crisis breath guards have become high-visibility products,” says Brian Hedlund, Vollrath’s vice president of Serving Systems & Components. “We expect that this heightened public perception will remain even after the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided and our customers will appreciate the convenience of having an easily adjustable option that doesn’t require a lot of handling.”

Available in single-sided buffet, double-sided buffet or cafeteria styles, the entire series is constructed with heavy-duty, 11-gauge stainless steel tubing that enables a 96-inch span without the need for a center post. The Velocity breath guards come standard with 3/8-inch tempered glass and 1/2-inch tempered glass is available.

Discover more at https://www.vollrathfoodservice.com/breathguards.