WaBa Grill, one of the nation’s leading healthy rice bowl chains, announced its partnership with Korea Ginseng Corp (KGC), the world’s number one ginseng company. Established more than a century ago in 1899, KGC is known for its use of Korean Red Ginseng and offers a wide range of supplements and drinks that incorporate the ingredient, which is popular for its immunity- and energy-boosting effects. KGC’s partnership with WaBa Grill will introduce three of the brand’s sparkling ginseng drinks, including HSW Calm, HSW Recharge and HSW Sharp, to the WaBa Grill menu, marking KGC’s American restaurant market debut. The HSW sparkling ginseng drinks, which are refreshing takes on KGC’s bestselling HongSamWon Tonic, are available starting today at all 190+ WaBa Grill locations throughout California and Arizona. 

Beyond its U.S. restaurant launch, the partnership with WaBa Grill spotlights KGC’s transition into the ready-to-drink beverage space. Formerly focused primarily on supplements, KGC now offers three ready-to-drink beverages in the brand’s HSW line, each of which are infused with Korean Red Ginseng and combine a mix of superfoods such as Goji Berry and Reishi Mushroom to create blends that deliver unique health benefits. The three varieties of sparkling ginseng drinks being integrated into the WaBa Grill menu, HSW Calm, HSW Recharge and HSW Sharp, target stress support, energy and focus, respectively, making the beverages natural extensions of WaBa Grill’s healthy menu offerings.

“WaBa Grill continues to deliver on consumer appetites for healthy food and the necessity of convenience for those on the move, and we are honored to be the first American chain restaurant to carry HSW drinks produced by the venerable Korea Ginseng Corp,” says Andrew Kim, the President and CEO of WaBa Grill. “KGC’s HSW sparkling ginseng beverages perfectly align with our brand DNA by providing a healthy boost of energy and immunity support to power busy lifestyles, and we are confident our guests will welcome the benefits of Korean Red Ginseng with the same enthusiasm they continue to demonstrate for our Asian-inspired food items.”

Widely praised for its many health benefits, Korean Ginseng contains naturally occurring compounds called saponins, which are responsible for many of Ginseng’s health benefits. Compared to American, Japanese and Chinese Ginseng, Korean Ginseng boasts a wide range of saponins, including Rb1, which can help regulate healthy liver and brain function. Korean Ginseng also contains valuable non-saponin ingredients, one of the most notable being acidic polysaccharide, which has been proven to manage cholesterol levels. The herb KGC utilizes is native to the Korean Peninsula and is nourished in optimal conditions for six years to reach maximum potential before undergoing a traditional steaming and drying process that turns it red. KGC’s Korean Red Ginseng contains 32 saponins, which is more than double that of American, Japanese and Chinese Ginseng. In addition to aiding in stamina and immunity, Korean Red Ginseng also has calming benefits to reduce stress and detoxification properties that aid in digestion, regulating metabolism and even improving skin conditions.

“WaBa Grill is clearly the ideal partner to help our brand bring over 120 years of innovation history to the U.S. restaurant market, and we are grateful for the opportunity to introduce WaBa Grill customers to our products with a partner that so closely mirrors our brand values,” says Lee Yun Bom, the CEO of Korea Ginseng Corp., U.S. “We look forward to growing our business and our brand through this exciting partnership with WaBa Grill, and we are optimistic about the reception we expect to receive in the U.S. from WaBa’s tremendously loyal and passionate guests.”

Today, with nearly 200 locations throughout California and Arizona, and an innovative, segment-leading menu that caters to any taste, appetite or dietary preference, WaBa Grill is helping guests live their best life! All WaBa Grill locations are open for dine-in, takeout, and delivery via the WaBa Rewards App or company website. Orders also may be placed via any of the chain’s third-party delivery partners.

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