Wahoo’s Fish Taco has been a community mainstay and worldwide pop culture phenomenon since 1988. Celebrated for its fresh food; pro-athlete support from the surf, skate, and snow industries; sticker-covered walls; and charity involvement, Wahoo’s continues to expand and is breaking ground in states that have yet to experience its eclectic Mexican-Brazilian-Asian menu. 

To date, there are more than 60 restaurant locations across the nation, with additional locations opening in the next several months and plans for international expansion in the near future.

The latest restaurant to open is the New York City Park Avenue location, which had its grand opening on February 20. With much anticipation as the first East Coast location, the launch was well received with die-hard and new fans introduced to the phenomenon that is Wahoo’s Fish Taco. Due to the incredible demand, there are already plans to open seven more stores in the New York City area. Wahoo’s is also in the process of opening a Tokyo, Japan, restaurant location, with the possibility of other countries as well.

In an effort to meet the demand, Wahoo’s launched a growth initiative in 2009 to add at least 100 franchise locations in the next five years. Within the last two years, Wahoo’s has about one-third of the 100 franchise locations secured. Current expansion into different demographic marketplaces is changing how Wahoo’s has traditionally been recognized as a restaurant designed for beach towns and recreational resorts.  

Wahoo’s Fish Taco built its name, brand awareness, and customer loyalty on its enthusiasm for extreme sports and is known for its specialty charbroiled fish, steak, and chicken tacos and burritos. The restaurant’s eclectic surf, skate-themed atmosphere and fusion-styled menu with a Hawaiian North Shore vibe has made Wahoo’s the popular choice for Southern Californians.

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Growth, News, Wahoo's Fish Taco