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    Walk-In Cooler Kit Released for Easier Compliance

  • Industry News January 24, 2010
    Berner International Corp., a U.S. manufacturer of air curtains and accessories, introduced the Walk-In Cooler Efficiency Kit, an easy-installation air curtain and control package combination that helps foodservice operators, retailers, and restaurants comply with new energy code mandates for existing and new walk-in coolers.

    The Walk-In Cooler Efficiency Kit is a pre-wired 24V, 7 (l) x 5 (w) x 4 (d)-inch control/load center with enclosure, magnetic reed on/off door switch, and Berner International’s K-Zone air curtain that’s engineered specifically for walk-in coolers/freezers. The NSF-approved K-Zone ranges from three to six feet long and features a low profile that’s ideal for unobstructed walk-in cooler access. Opening the walk-in cooler door activates the one-speed K-Zone via the magnetic reed switch and immediately limits air infiltration with an airstream across the door opening that’s factory-engineered for precise volume, velocity, and uniformity.

    Once 120V power is run to the area, the kit enables the air curtain to be installed in less than 15 minutes.

    The UL and CUL-approved Walk-In Cooler Efficiency Kit enables compliance with the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (Section 312), which mandates all walk-in coolers/freezers manufactured after January 1, 2009, include either strip curtains, spring-hinged swinging vinyl doors, or other air infiltration reduction methods. Air curtains require less maintenance, are more effective, have a longer lifespan, and offer a safe, unobstructed view into the walk-in cooler.

    Based on the number of door cycles, the customers can expect a payback as quick as one year based on energy savings, increased equipment efficiencies, and reduced refrigeration equipment wear-and-tear.
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