Walls + Forms just introduced “HALO” Designer Series rooms with an L.E.D. Standoff that reflects contemporary contrast to its simple yet appealing design combination. This modern, upscale yet low-cost design offers freedom from the conventional and demands attention. It offers quality architecture without the hassles of traditional construction.

“HALO” designer privacy rooms contain L.E.D. strips encased with white frosted acrylic to create a HALO glow over decorative panels.

Designer panels are frequently used along high-traffic areas like main hallways and lobby walls to give salons upscale looks while keeping the cost low on build out. The “HALO” L.E.D. Standoffs not only gives salons a unique European look, but they also give modular rooms additional strength and column support for walls.

The designer series allow for the freedom to create and design as one pleases. Different looks can be achieved by choosing from a variety of laminate choices for the wall panels, door panels, and L.E.D. Standoffs to give salons a one-of-a-kind look.

The designer series is built using standard ¾” laminated panel walls held in place by Walls + Forms’ patented, easy-to-install and re-configure CornerForms two-part panel connector system. This system can be used to construct privacy rooms, fitting rooms, perimeter walls, and counters.

Designer Series walls from Walls + Forms offer a designer look to accent exterior hallways and lobbies. By mixing contrasting finishes and combining them with accent panel grooving and L.E.D. Standoffs, Walls + Forms has created a selection of custom wall designs. Designer Series walls can be utilized throughout a salon or can be purchased “per panel” to enable use of decor along with standard walls to accent only the spaces where a particula look is desired.

“HALO” along with Fuscina, Quadros, and Solaris, have been custom designed allowing the choice that is the best-suited style.

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