WAND Corporation was the recipient of a DSA Crown Award at the Digital Screenmedia Association in New York City this month in conjunction with the Customer Engagement Technology World. The DSA Crown Awards recognize excellence in digital content.

WAND’s latest award-winning content was created for Smashburger and highlights the concept’s cooked-to-order burgers and other menu items. The content blends high-definition video and animated images to highlight product attributes, and coincides with new product and nutritional integrations.

“We are very proud of our creative team,” says Ed Carney, vice president of Sales and Operations for WAND Corporation. “The team continues to produce award-winning content that not only appeals to our customers, but stands up to the competition. The team definitely understands how to promote and draw attention to our digital signage in a productive and classy manner – they have style!”

While most companies in this space focus on either the software or the content, WAND Corporation purposely focuses on both.

“Both software and content are required to produce the appropriate effects in an award-winning digital menuboard,” says Greg Perrill, COO of WAND. “We’ve been producing award-winning content for years and love working with our customers to produce exactly what they need. We’re successful because we focus exclusively on fast casual and quick service restaurants.”

The WAND Digital implementation allows for management of content, pricing, and nutritional information while increasing sales by upselling and promoting items flexibily in a daypart schedule.


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