Siltanen & Partners Advertising released its latest ad campaign for Panda Express that includes television, online (via Facebook and Panda’s Web site), and in-store marketing. The campaign introduces consumers to Panda Express’ first premium shrimp entrée, Honey Walnut Shrimp, with the help of Panda Express’ talking Panda Bear characters, Eddie and Tom-Tom.

Since launching the Panda Bear campaign in 2007, Siltanen & Partners has helped Panda Express realize success despite a rocky economy. In fact, Panda Express system sales increased by 38.1 percent from 2007–2009.

“Our guests always look forward to seeing what Eddie and Tom-Tom are up to next,” says Glenn Lunde, Panda’s chief marketing officer. “In the latest adventure, they explore unchartered waters in the pursuit of what we believe will quickly become a fan favorite, our Honey Walnut Shrimp.”

“We get excited each time we get to launch a great new menu item from Panda Express,” says Rob Siltanen, creative director for Siltanen & Partners. “We pride ourselves on doing advertising that people love and gets that craving going for Panda Express.”

The commercials are shot using panda bears from the Memphis Zoo and require the attention of several of the nation’s top special effects artists. Actors Steve Mackall and Reno Wilson are the voices of Eddie and Tom-Tom.

The campaign begins running March 15 in 14 markets.

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