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    Wawa Expands Online and Mobile Ordering

  • Industry News May 7, 2008
    Food-centric convenience store Wawa is expanding its pilot for a new service that allows customers to pre-order food through text messages or online. In partnership with GoMobo, a supplier of mobile payment technology, Wawa launched the service in two Malvern, Pennsylvania, locations earlier this year. Now Wawa is rolling it out to six additional Philadelphia-area locations.

    The new service provides customers with the ability to place their Wawa order over the Internet or through cell phone text-messaging, pre-pay, have their payment processed automatically, and pick up their order at the store without waiting in line.

    "As the first convenience and food retailer in our market to provide this service, we look forward to bringing this cutting edge convenience into the lives of our extremely busy customers," says Howard Stoeckel, Wawa’s President and CEO. "We are committed to constantly reinventing and redefining convenience in our quest to simplify the lives of our customers. Not only does this new service make ordering food faster and more efficient than ever, but it caters to all people of all ages, whether you’re an office worker placing you order on the web, or a student sending an order via text. This is truly a universally convenient technology."

    The company says that 89 percent of its customers surveyed say using GoMobo makes their visit take much less time, and 99 percent of users say they definitely or probably will use it in the future.

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