ezCater, the most trusted provider of corporate food solutions, and Wawa Inc. announced the launch of all Wawa locations on the ezCater marketplace. Now, workplaces can order Wawa’s signature breakfast sandwiches, like the Sizzli, and hoagies, from 1,000 store locations across Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and Washington, D.C.

“Thanks to this new partnership with ezCater, we now have the ability to reach more business customers with our fresh offers, perfect for breakfast, meetings, and corporate events,” says Steve Hackett, Director of Digital Experience, Wawa. “We see this as a great way to provide even more convenience to the business community.”

In a recent survey, ezCater found that 67% of workers believe that skipping breakfast negatively affects their productivity in the workplace. Still, 60% of them skip breakfast two or more days per week, creating a big opportunity for employers to improve productivity by providing breakfast. With ezCater, Wawa can now reach these valuable business customers investing in food for work. Their catering menu includes a variety of breakfast, coffee, and lunch items, which come individually packaged or in trays, depending on the workplace’s needs.

“Our customers count on us to provide a variety of reliable caterers for all of their food for work needs, whether that’s for breakfast meetings, daily employee lunches, or anything in between,” says Mike O’Hanlon, Chief Partnership Officer, ezCater. “Wawa’s iconic lunch staples and breakfast options like the Sizzli make them fan-favorites. We’re so excited to now be able to offer Wawa Catering to ezCater customers.”

ezCater has more than 100,000 restaurants and caterers on its platform, from local independent restaurants to national chains. With its extensive expertise in corporate food solutions, ezCater helps its restaurant partners manage, analyze, and grow their catering businesses.