Wayback Burgers, a Connecticut-based franchise with more than 80 locations nationwide, announced it will be hosting its 7th annual Triple Triple Burger Eating Contest on September 18. The Triple Triple Burger is Wayback Burgers’ novelty menu item, a nine-patty burger with nine slices of American cheese, topped with lettuce and tomato. Whichever customer eats the Triple Triple burger the fastest will win the grand prize, a whopping $3,330.

This year, there is a spin on the contest where customers are encouraged to submit their own training videos. The contest begins now and goes until September 18. Guests can submit their training videos to TripleTripleChallenge.com to feature their own unique training strategy to take on the Triple Triple burger. Within 10 days, Wayback Burgers will announce a winner for the most original video with $100 Wayback Burgers gift card prize. Additionally, those who take on the Triple Triple Challenge can post their attempt to tackle the colossal burger on the Wayback Burgers Wall of Fame.

“Each year the Triple Triple Challenge becomes bigger and better,” says John Eucalitto, president of Wayback Burgers. “In fact, this is the first year we’ve launched our own microsite to host the training videos submitted by contestants. We enjoy hosting this fun annual contest for our guests as a way to give back to our local customer base. Last year, the winner of the $3,330 demolished a Triple Triple burger within 30 seconds!”



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