Wayback Burgers is spicing things up in 2018 with the debut of its new & improved hand-breaded Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Wayback Burgers is teaming up with Frank’s RedHot sauce, the primary ingredient in the first ever buffalo wings, to create this delicacy.

The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich features Wayback Burgers new hand-breaded chicken breast. The new batter recipe is packed with savory seasonings. The chicken is then tossed in Frank’s RedHot sauce, topped with lettuce, tomato and Ranch or Blue-Cheese dressing depending upon guest preference. To compliment the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Wayback Burgers is also adding Buffalo Ranch French Fries. The popular french fries are drizzled with ranch dressing and Franks RedHot, for fans who like their fries with a little extra kick!

Wayback Burgers’ President John Eucalitto, says these delicious items reiterate the company’s commitment to deliver the highest level of quality to customers.

“The same freshly prepared mentality that has drawn our loyal clientele inside our restaurants since day one is being applied to our new & improved hand-breaded Buffalo Chicken Sandwich,” says Eucalitto. “There’s nothing more flavorful and fulfilling than a freshly prepared meal, whether it’s at home or here at Wayback Burgers. We’re happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with Franks RedHot, a company that is synonymous with chicken and fan-favorite spicy food. We certainly believe we’re bringing the heat with the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Buffalo Ranch French Fries.”

The limited-time-offer Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Buffalo Ranch French Fries hit the Wayback Burgers menus earlier this year on January 1. Guests will be able to purchase the items throughout Q1 until the promotion expires on March 31.

“With big games playing out this time of year, this is prime time for Buffalo Chicken, and Wayback Burgers is delivering on that demand,” says Patrick Conlin, Wayback Burgers’ Senior Vice President. “The hand-breaded chicken has dominated taste tests and we’re proud to add the LTO to a menu full of the world’s best burgers and fries. With the help of Frank’s RedHot, we have expanded our menu to include the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Buffalo Chicken Tenders to give our guests more fantastic chicken options in a family-friendly environment.”

Wayback Burgers currently operates in 28 states with over 148 locations nationally and internationally in Argentina, Brunei, Sudan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Through its executed master franchise agreements, Wayback Burgers plans to open in 37 provinces/countries in the Middle East, Northern Africa, South Africa, Argentina, Pakistan, Brunei, Bangladesh; Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada; and the Netherlands, with pending letters of intent sent out to Ireland, Western Germany and the UK.


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