Wayback Burgers is adding the flavors of New Orleans to its menu as the cold weather (hopefully) begins to subside and Mardi Gras beckons.

Wayback Burgers introduced the Big Easy Burger and Cajun Tater Tots on February 1 and they’ll be available for a limited time (through May 31).

The tastes of the Deep South provide a cornucopia of new menu possibilities, and Wayback Burgers has chosen to offer limited-time items backed by the heritage of Cajun and Creole cuisine.

The Big Easy Burger consists of two all-beef patties, lettuce, and tomato, with Pepper Jack Cheese and a creamy Creole Remoulade, a tangy-hot condiment of the type that was invented in France and then perfected in New Orleans. Wayback guests can get their very own Big Easy Burger for a recommended price of $6.99.

Cajun Tater Tots come with Cajun seasoning and Creole Remoulade on the side. They will be available at Wayback Burgers for a recommended price of $2.49 for a regular order.

Once again, as with previous limited-time offerings, such as the Chipotle Cheesesteak and Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Wayback Burgers is putting its own twist on classic tastes with the Big Easy Burger and Cajun Tater Tots, combining the brand’s popular, high-quality execution of traditional American fun-eating food with trendy or regional tastes.

“After launching a number of limited-time offerings over the last few years, we were excited to put our chefs’ focus on the widely renowned tastes of New Orleans,” Wayback Burgers CEO John Eucalitto says. “Both products—the Big Easy Burger and Cajun Tater Tots—offer a unique interpretation of the iconic flavors that have made that city one of the most important culinary capitals in America.”

One thing that won’t change with any product is Wayback Burgers’ commitment to the highest quality levels, using only the freshest ingredients, and to unmatched customer service.

“Our limited-time offerings may come and go, or they may stay on our menu, but every item at Wayback Burgers is made with uncompromised devotion to creating the best food and the best dining experience our guests will find in the category,” Eucalitto says.


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