Industry News | December 17, 2012

We Want to Know: Who is Best at Health and Nutrition?

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It's old news, now: There is a problem with obesity in the U.S. And quick-service restaurants have a responsibility to offer more nutritious menu offerings and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle among their loyal customers.

From rolling out new menu items to getting their employees on board with a healthier lifestyle, many operators have accepted the challenge to fight back against climbing obesity rates. But who in the foodservice industry is going the furthest in their attempts to improve nutrition and health in the U.S.? Which operators, marketers, and suppliers are going the extra mile to ensure consumers have the resources they need to make the most nutritionally sound decisions? We want to hear from you!

We're looking for representatives of six categories who have gone above and beyond in the push to make the U.S. a healthier nation. The categories are:

- Marketing/Promotions

- Menu/R&D

- Suppliers/Producers

- Distributors

- C-Suite

- Franchisees/Local Community

Think you know a person or company that fits the bill? Click here to submit candidates; deadline is January 11. If you have any questions, please reach out to Sam Oches at [email protected].