Welbilt, Inc. a leading provider of commercial foodservice equipment, announced today that it will integrate Microsoft Azure Sphere to upgrade security in its KitchenConnect internet-connected equipment and will host the solution on Microsoft Azure through a new partnership with HCL Technologies. 

Welbilt KitchenConnect is an award-winning open cloud solution that offers a digital platform for internet connected equipment in the foodservice industry. The integration of Azure Sphere in the KitchenConnect solution will add new security capabilities to keep connected equipment protected over time and to provide  secured communication between devices and the KitchenConnect platform. The KitchenConnect solution improves efficiency, reduces cost, and enhances food quality by helping customers leverage telemetry to optimize their kitchen operations. 

HCL will develop and enhance the KitchenConnect security solution with Azure Sphere and provide an advanced  architecture for improved scalability, security, and functionality on the Microsoft Azure IoT platform. HCL is a mutual partner to Welbilt and Microsoft and brings a team of experts across IoT, Security, Data Analytics,  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and mobile technologies to drive the accelerated development of  KitchenConnect with Microsoft IoT solutions. 

“At Welbilt, we are accelerating innovation through our partners and leading the digital space in the foodservice  industry to continuously offer the best solution for our customers,” says Bill Johnson, Welbilt’s President and CEO.  

Omar Jacques Omran, Welbilt’s Sr. Director for KitchenConnect, notes, “We are excited by all the opportunities  presented by Microsoft and HCL, taking our KitchenConnect security and cloud solution to a new level with  Microsoft Azure IoT and Azure Sphere. This step will also make it simpler for operators to connect their entire  equipment fleet in the restaurant.”  

“Welbilt is exceeding our most demanding customer security requirements by using Microsoft Azure Sphere to  securely connect equipment and securely communicate telemetry, in addition to using the cloud hosting  solution from Microsoft Azure,” states Chris Glomski, Welbilt’s Chief Information Officer. 

Michael Kuptz, General Manager, Azure IoT at Microsoft Corp notes, “Welbilt’s expertise in the commercial  kitchen equipment market, coupled with HCL, a premier Azure IoT system integrator, is a powerful collaboration  and resource for our customers. Welbilt equipment is securely connected and protected with Azure Sphere.  Azure also enables advanced IoT capabilities and analytics for customers around the world through HCL’s global  system integrator footprint.” 

“HCL Technologies is excited to further our existing strategic relationships with both Welbilt and Microsoft to  enhance KitchenConnect, the most advanced digital solution in the foodservice industry. HCL will leverage its strong Digital Transformation capabilities in Cloud, IoT, AI, Analytics, and Cybersecurity, and its ecosystem  partnerships, to accelerate KitchenConnect’s success in the industry,” said Hari Sadarahalli, Corporate Vice  President, Engineering and R&D Services, HCL Technologies.  

“We are pleased to be collaborating with KitchenConnect, as it revolutionizes the way consumers use  technology in the foodservice industry. HCL Cloud Smart including HCL IoT solutions with Azure Sphere will  safely and securely connect all types of legacy and new equipment and appliances to the internet, thus enabling Welbilt clients to reimagine and transform their businesses with new product offerings, customer experiences,  and unique business models,” says Kalyan Kumar, CTO and Global Head of Ecosystems at HCL Technologies.