Wendy’s is stepping up efforts to help consumers make informed choices when dining out through nutrition education materials created with the help of the American Dietetic Association (ADA).

Wendy’s and ADA worked together to produce a series of “Eating Better Together” educational tools that provide strategies for making nutritious choices when visiting a quick service restaurant. This information supports the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, released recently by the Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Agriculture (USDA).

This collaborative effort includes a consumer booklet and simple tips that can be found on Wendy’s website with additional information on the backs of millions of tray liners throughout the year in Wendy’s restaurants, starting this month.

“There is something for everyone on the Wendy’s menu that fits within a healthy, balanced diet. While having a variety of menu options is the first step, providing nutrition information and resources also is important,” says Tom Mueller, president, Wendy’s North America. “We’ve provided nutrition information in our restaurants for more than 25 years. This collaboration with the American Dietetic Association gives our customers additional tools to make the dietary choices that are right for them.”

Healthy Fare

So far this year, Wendy’s has made several menu changes as part of an ongoing commitment to providing nutritious choices. Fresh fruit cups and entree-size fruit bowls with a low-fat strawberry-flavored yogurt are now available at Wendy’s. Less than three weeks after the completion of the national rollout in February, more than a half million pounds of fresh fruit are being sold by Wendy’s restaurants each week. In addition, customers can substitute, at no additional charge, either a baked potato, small chili, or one of two side salads for French fries when ordering a combo meal.

Last year, Wendy’s began offering 2 percent reduced fat white or 1 percent chocolate milk as a substitute for a soft drink in Wendy’s Kids’ Meals, with a mandarin orange cup offered as an alternative for French fries.

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