Wendy's Approves Panasonic, WAND

    Industry News | December 3, 2009
    Panasonic and WAND were officially designated by Wendy’s as an approved Point Of Sale (POS) solution for franchisee stores nationwide. The notification was made by Wendy's corporate officials following months of intensive product testing and evaluation.

    “Panasonic has the best partners in the business,” says Sam Miyakodani, group manager with Panasonic. “With ROI more important than ever, we are extremely proud that Wendy's made the choice to work with Panasonic and our partner WAND Corporation.”

    "WAND and Panasonic are solid choices for Wendy's franchisees," says Don Zimmerman, chief information officer of Wendy's/Arby's Group. "Both vendors have worked tirelessly to ensure excellent solutions for our restaurants."

    “When you combine Panasonic purpose-built hardware and WAND NextGen POS you get two things … an approved Wendy’s solution and an unprecedented level of usability, accountability, and ROI,” says Greg Perrill, chief operating officer for WAND Corporation.

    Panasonic’s POS hardware features the Stingray workstation. With a modular design, Stingray allows for do-it-yourself troubleshooting, servicing, and upgrades, plus a high-speed processor and up to 2 GB of on-board RAM. Stingray is ideal for stand-alone applications and can also be integrated into a LAN network to run even the most resource-intensive back office operations.
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