256 Operating Associates, a Wendy’s franchisee in Nashua, New Hampshire, has become the first Wendy’s operator to implement a recently patented order processing system known as Order Perfect.

With the Order Perfect technology, created by Exit 41, Inc., the customer places an order via a multiple lane drive-thru, phone, or the Web; the order is taken by specialized agents at an Order Center; and the order is entered in real-time and sent electronically to the restaurant as it is received. Exit41’s “Picture Perfect” technology enables the restaurant to match the right order to the right customer.

“This has given us a clear competitive advantage,” said Kevin R. Fritton, executive vice president of 256 Operating Associates. “Our customers consistently compliment us for our improved accuracy, courteous service, and speed. From day one, we’ve seen incremental profits streaming into the restaurant. The return is there everyday in our sales.”

Exit41 and 256 Operating Associates are extending the solution to additional Wendy’s franchisees throughout the country, recently connecting restaurants in California, Florida, and Washington, D.C., with Rhode Island and Virginia to follow.

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