Squadle, a workflow automation company that enables multi-unit operators to simplify complex operations and streamline food safety, announced that Vesco Group, a Kentucky-based nine-unit Wendy’s franchisee, has streamlined operations with Squadle Checklists and safeguarded its fresh and frozen inventory with Squadle Remote Temperature Monitoring. Overall, Squadle has allowed the Wendy’s franchisee to save time and optimize its fresh food inventory.

“Squadle’s workflow automation features have allowed employees to wash, rinse, and repeat so that daily tasks can go off without a hitch,” says Casey Cleveland, general manager at the Vesco Group. “Once we got the hang of it, everything became quick and easy. We never want to go back to pen and paper.”

Wendy’s is unique to the industry in that all of their products are fresh, not frozen. This delivers a high-quality product to customers, but can also make it harder for employees, as the food only stays fresh for around four to five days. Squadle helped Vesco Group automate food temperature monitoring in all of their restaurants while giving teams the food safety and checklist data they needed quickly and effortlessly.

Additional Squadle benefits include:

More Time – Not only has this made temperature monitoring worry-free, but it has also given time back to employees. Any time they would spend checking and documenting the temperature of inventory can be used on customer service or food prep.

Greater Transparency – Staff finish documenting tasks in minutes, and managers can quickly check and verify that everything has been done – without having to physically be in a store.

Data Accuracy – Digital reporting ensures that employees are completing their tasks on time, and within quality and safety standards.

Greater Compliance – Reports and documentation are prepared, accurate, and ready for inspectors.

Squadle is a customizable restaurant operations platform that restaurants can use to fully digitize their paper-based manager playbooks, checklists, and compliance forms to ensure higher completion rates, leading to more efficient operations and better customer experiences.

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