Wendy’s International selected WAND as the first approved NextGen POS software solution for Wendy’s franchisees. The decision follows two years of collaboration between WAND, Wendy’s, and the Wendy’s franchisees. WAND currently has more than 1,600 Wendy’s restaurant installations, providing an intimate knowledge of the Wendy’s system. WAND NextGen POS represents a balance between preset workflows and customization.

“We are pleased to approve WAND as a software vendor for franchisees of the Wendy’s system,” says Don Zimmerman, chief information officer of Wendy’s/Arby’s Group. “WAND has a reputation for forward thinking in the quick-service industry and their Next Generation POS solution has married both practical needs and innovation.”

“We’re honored by Wendy’s decision,” says John Perrill Sr., CEO and president of WAND Corporation. “Innovative partners and 20 years serving the Wendy’s community have led to a solution that’s designed for Wendy’s by Wendy’s.”

New features like conversational ordering allow the customer to place their order without interruption, improve customer satisfaction, and decrease the number of incorrect orders. Single shift training and the near elimination of voids are just a few of the other new features available with WAND NextGen POS.

WAND NextGen POS is paired with WAND Enterprise Manager, a Web-based tool for remote management of price, configurations, recipes, and more. Near real-time reporting and analysis provides actionable information to all levels of the organization. Utilizing Web-based interface and a scalable architecture, WAND Enterprise Manager can also manage order confirmation display digital content.

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