When it comes to summer salads, Wendy’s doesn’t disappoint and neither does the Berry Burst Chicken Salad, Wendy’s newest salad sensation. Not only is it packed with fresh berry flavors, tangy feta cheese, crisp leafy greens, a sweet raspberry vinaigrette and warm, freshly grilled chicken—but it’s also delivered for free, right to your doorstep.

That’s right, Wendy’s is making it easier than ever to grab something fresh and still tackle all those summertime to-dos. Wendy’s provides a solution for busy people everywhere with a balanced and leafy green salad, and now with DoorDash, Wendy’s national exclusive logistics partner, customers can enjoy free delivery with promotion code (BERRYBURST). The Berry Burst Chicken Salad is topped with almonds and antioxidant-rich seasonal berries. The full-size salad serves 4 grams of fiber and 41 grams of protein to keep you full and energized. Add in the fact that the full-sized salad, including two packets of dressing, is under 500 calories, while still serving ½ cup of fruit, ½ cup of dairy, plus a complete days’ worth of vegetables, and you’ve got a salad that gets almost as much done as you do.

“Our new Berry Burst Chicken Salad is filled with freshly grilled chicken, fresh strawberries and blueberries, and hand-chopped lettuce – those are things you just don’t find at other salad places,” says Kurt Kane, Wendy’s chief concept and marketing officer. “And now that we’re offering free delivery through DoorDash, it’s easier than ever to get a great tasting and fresh salad no matter how busy you might be this summer.”

At Wendy’s, every salad is prepared fresh and in-restaurant each and every day. Built on a bed of hand-chopped lettuce and made with hand-cut strawberries, juicy blueberries, crumbly feta cheese and toasted almonds, the Berry Burst Chicken Salad hits on sweet, savory, salty and crunchy. Raspberry Vinaigrette Simply Dressed by Marzetti adds a smooth sweet taste to the already flavorful salad. And to top it all off, add a warm, freshly grilled all-white meat chicken breast and you’ve got a deliciously different salad you won’t find anywhere else.

Wendy’s Berry Burst Chicken Salad will be available for a limited time this summer. The salad is served in both a full-size option for $6.79 or half-size for $4.79

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