Today, The Wendy’s Company announced that it is a new member of the How2Recycle label program. By partnering with How2Recycle and implementing the label program, Wendy’s packaging in the United States and Canada will feature educational information for Wendy’s customers on the proper way to dispose of and recycle consumer-facing restaurant packaging.

The How2Recycle label is a U.S. and Canada-based standardized labeling system that enables companies to clearly communicate how to recycle a package, improve the reliability, completeness and transparency of recyclability claims, provide a labeling system that is designed to follow the United States Federal Trade Association and Competition Bureau Canada’s guidance, and increase the availability and quality of recycled material.

“We are proud to partner with How2Recycle as we identify solutions that will help us advance and communicate our sustainable packaging goals and reduce our environmental footprint,” says Liliana Esposito, Wendy’s Chief Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Officer. “Communicating transparently and effectively on our packaging is an important step on our sustainable packaging journey, in addition to educating our customers on how to properly dispose of our packaging after use.”

Wendy’s customers can anticipate seeing the How2Recycle label on U.S. and Canada packaging start to roll out in 2022.

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