Whether on the court or at the breakfast table, a Hoosier is always a winner thanks to Wendy’s new Hoosier Biscuit Bowl. This filling bowl is built to be your morning assist, complete with buttery biscuits, homestyle seasoned potatoes, southern-style sausage and gravy, a fresh-cracked fried egg, and topped with shredded cheddar cheese. You won’t find a sub for this premium breakfast! 


The Hoosier Biscuit Bowl can be found at participating Wendy’s Indiana restaurants during breakfast hours. This slam-dunk start to your day will only be available for a limited time though, so dribble in while you can! 


We believe Wendy’s always delivers a better breakfast than the other guys, and the Hoosier Biscuit Bowl is no exception. From its fresh-cracked egg to its creamy sausage and gravy, there’s no fouls when it comes to this premium meal. Wendy’s is proud to fuel Hoosier fans with a hearty start to their day across the state, and the Hoosier Biscuit Bowl brings that home team love and comfort into every bite. 


Indiana residents can head to their nearest Wendy’s restaurant to start their day the Hoosier way. Don’t forget to download Wendy’s mobile app so you don’t miss out on upcoming deals (and steals) and earn free Wendy’s with Wendy’s Rewards. 

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