For a next-level Nugg experience, Wendy’s fans are discovering a new way to Nugg with the Nuggs Party Pack, starting this Wendy’s Wednesday. Known to Wendy’s most dedicated chicken nugget fans, the Nuggs Party Pack is available every day in select markets, featuring about 50 all white-meat chicken nuggets – great for sharing with friends and family (or not). For fans nationwide, Wendy’s Wednesday also means free 6-piece nuggets with any purchase with the offer in the Wendy’s app, so spread some Nugg love every Wednesday!

“Wendy’s is committed to celebrating our unmatched chicken nugget fandom while also delivering the value our customers have come to expect from us,” says Lindsay Radkoski, U.S. Chief Marketing Officer for The Wendy’s Company. “With exclusive deals and even bigger ways to Nugg, our Nuggs Party Pack and Wendy’s Wednesdays are all about satisfying our fans’ cravings.”

The Nuggs Party Pack will continue to roll out across Wendy’s restaurants in the U.S.  To help fans to find their nearest Nuggs Party Pack, Wendy’s has partnered with Rashiq Zahid, the developer behind McBroken, to create  The site acts as a real-time interactive map, directing fans to their closest participating Wendy’s restaurant serving up Nuggs Party Packs.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Wendy’s but had no idea they offered a party sized version of their nuggs at such a good price,” says Rashiq Zahid, web developer.  “I think more people should know about the Nuggs Party Pack, which is why I created the Nuggs Party website in collaboration with Wendy’s. I know fans are going to love it!”

To celebrate the launch of the Nuggs Party Pack, fans can save $3 off any purchase of $15 or more using the offer in the Wendy’s app. Available in crispy or spicy, the Nuggs Party Pack is perfect for watch parties, picnics and so much more.  If fans aren’t in the Nuggs Party zone, have no fear!  The free 6-piece nuggets with purchase offer is available nationwide each week at Wendy’s…on, you guessed it, Wednesday’s.  To order the Nuggs Party Pack or celebrate Wendy’s Wednesday, visit the Wendy’s app to start an order.

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