Manna Inc. and its affiliates, among America’s leading restaurant affiliate operators, has partnered with DailyPay to offer their employees a transformative financial wellness benefit that is enabling them to hire faster and retain employees longer. With the popular DailyPay benefit, employees have the power and control over their pay, with the ability to access their earned pay immediately after completing a shift. Research commissioned by DailyPay shows that, when using DailyPay, employees end or reduce their reliance on payday loans or pay overdraft fees to make ends meet.

Manna Inc. affiliates operate Wendy’s restaurants, Fazoli’s restaurants, Mark’s Feed Store restaurants and other restaurants nationwide. Each affiliate is a minority-owned company that focuses and dedicates itself to fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion.

“When word spread that we implemented DailyPay, we had several previous team members reach out to us. They originally left for a job that offered weekly paychecks, we pay bi-weekly, but upon learning we have DailyPay – it was the financial benefit they were looking for to return to us. The DailyPay team made the integration to their platform seamless,” said Mary Lazzaroni, Vice President of People & Development at Manna Inc. “We truly believe our employees find this to be a valuable benefit. 50% of our employees are enrolled in DailyPay – the only benefit we offer with such a high enrollment rate. Also, knowing that food is one of the top reasons to transfer funds we have even changed policy to ensure our team members receive a free meal on each shift, not just discounted food items.”

DailyPay’s research shows that with DailyPay, companies are able to fill open positions 52% faster than those that don’t offer a daily payment option while experiencing a 50% reduction in turnover. The research, commissioned by DailyPay, shows that 95% of those who once relied on payday loans or who paid overdraft fees can break the cycle of debt when they have a DailyPay option. As a result, 74% of employees who use DailyPay feel less financial stress.

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