Wendy’s launched a bolder, brighter, and more interactive Wendys.com, which—after a complete overhaul—is much more friendly for those on smartphones and tablets.

In response to consumers evolving digital habits, the new Wendys.com features such digital-savvy elements as feeds from Wendy’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts; an easy-to-navigate grid layout; more multimedia content; and prominent and easy-to-use nutrition information. Thanks to its responsive design, the website is accessible from smartphones, tablets, and other modern Internet-enabled devices.

“The new Wendys.com uses cutting-edge technology and design to allow consumers to engage with our brand when, where, and how they want,” says Craig Bahner, Wendy’s CMO. “With more customization and personalization tools, Wendys.com offers a vibrant experience for any visitor, especially mobile device users. And it will continue to evolve with consumers over time.”

With around 10 million monthly visitors across digital and social networks, the new website is particularly appealing to mobile users. Now they can use GPS to quickly locate Wendy’s restaurants, search for specific restaurant features (like WiFi and mobile payment) and geo-target Wendy’s job openings within a particular area.

Updating website content will be easier and much more efficient. Easy-to-find nutrition information enables consumers to make more informed food purchases. Click on any Wendy’s product, and its calories, fiber, and protein information are readily available. Website visitors can also customize a menu item by seeing how adding or subtracting toppings will impact nutritional values.  

Future website development will include the availability of localized pages that will enable restaurants to offer community-specific promotions, as well as integration with the My Wendy’s App for other location-specific and nutritional functionality.

The new Wendys.com upgrade is a key component of Wendy’s ongoing brand transformation initiative, which also includes: major menu innovations, including the recently launched Flatbread Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Frosty Waffle Cone, and Late Night Moonlight Meal Deal; the re-imaging of restaurants with a bold, contemporary look; an updated Wendy’s logo; new crew uniforms; and consumer-preferred menuboards and packaging.

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