“We’re proud of the food we serve at Wendy’s. To learn more, please ask for a nutrition guide or visit wendys.com.”

This statement will begin appearing on carryout bags and trayliners at Wendy’s restaurants throughout North America later this month, the company announced. It’s part of a comprehensive effort to make consumers aware that nutrition and ingredient information is readily available.

This initiative will be further enhanced through the use of new menuboard strips — in-store and at the Pick-Up Window — that carry a similar message.

“We have a strong story to tell about the quality, variety, and nutrition of our food, and we’re using a number of approaches to get the word out and better serve our customers,” Tom Mueller, Wendy’s president and chief operating officer, said in a statement.

“We’ve provided nutrition information in our restaurants since the late 1970s, and we believe it’s important that we do everything we can to assist our customers in making informed choices regarding their dietary needs.”

One of the primary vehicles is the Wendy’s Nutrition Guide, which provides detailed nutrition and food ingredient information. This brochure — long available at Wendy’s restaurants — has been redesigned in response to consumer interest and includes new products and refined formulations. It features nutrition information charts that the company says are easy to read and navigate.

Wendy’s also is in the process of a major redesign of the nutrition section at wendys.com. The website currently registers more than 350,000 monthly visits. This effort will be completed in mid-September.

“We’re intentionally using multiple approaches to put nutrition information in front of our diverse customer base. With two excellent resources — our website and nutrition guide — coupled with promotion on menuboard strips and millions of carryout bags and trayliners, we’re significantly enhancing our communications in this important area,” Mueller said.

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