Wentworth Technology, Inc, is proud to introduce its new SpeedThru headset system, created to specifically address the needs of the drive-thru restaurant marketplace.

The SpeedThru system was built from the ground up, using extensive customer feedback, compiled over two years, to establish the requirements of the system. The result is a reliable, durable, easy-to-use drive-thru headset communication system.

The SpeedThru system utilizes proprietary noise cancellation components and software, which together eliminate unwanted noises and provide the most clear, natural sound so both the order taker and the customer have an extremely positive and efficient experience.

“The SpeedThru system is a comprehensive solution,” says Lisa Keslar, vice president of marketing, Wentworth Technology, Inc. “People who hear it are immediately impressed by the unbelievably natural, crystal-clear sound presented to customers the speaker post.”

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