West Liberty, Iowa-based West Liberty Foods announced that it has partnered with local Subway stores in Iowa, Illinois, and Utah to feed each of its team members one Subway meal a week in recognition of their continued service and commitment during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic. The company will provide over 11,000 Subway meals over the span of this four-week initiative.

“COVID-19 has impacted the foodservice and retail industries in opposite and equally challenging ways that have never been seen before,” says Brandon Achen, Chief Operations Officer at West Liberty Foods. “Food manufacturers like us are experiencing drastic sales declines from their foodservice customers, and orders for retail customers have increased exponentially as retailers are trying to keep their store shelves stocked.”

“Our mission was to find a simple way to thank our front-line team members for their ongoing service to West Liberty Foods, while supporting our nation’s small businesses–and one of our foodservice partners–in this time of crisis.”

West Liberty Foods also announced that it is currently executing a concentrated social media effort with dedicated hashtags (#SubwayFeedsOurForce, #EssentialBusiness) for searchability and recognition while sharing its story with local and industry news outlets. And, West Liberty Foods has asked its vendor partners to consider participating in the initiative by partnering with their own local Subway stores.



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