From idea to limited time offer introduced three months ago, Cheesy Dog Bites have cultivated fans from the Wetz Coast to the East Coast. Dog Bites love has been so strong across the brand’s more than 340 locations and on social media, that guests will be pleased to know Cheesy Dog Bites are now a permanent menu item at all Wetzel’s Pretzels locations.

Cheesy Dog Bites start with fresh dough made from scratch at each Wetzel’s Pretzels’ location. The dough is then wrapped around a 100 percent beef mini hot dog, topped with a cheese blend, then baked to a golden brown with an Instagrammable bubbling cheese top. The product is one of Wetzel’s Pretzels’ top sellers, making up significant mix without cannibalizing the brand’s other premium items such as Original Dog Bites.

“The people have spoken, and guests have made it clear through their purchases and love across social media that Cheesy Dog Bites should be here to stay,” says Jennifer Schuler, Wetzel’s Pretzels’ President. “Cheesy Dog Bites’ sales mix since introduction have continued to grow. They’re clearly a platform we can continue to innovate against, as we look to further stretch our average unit volume category lead even further.”





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