The opening of Wetzel’s Pretzels inside Macy’s South Coast Plaza showcases a newfound relationship between two powerful brands that are giving shoppers the chance to enjoy freshly made snacks and satisfy their shopping needs all at the same time. Macy’s South Coast Plaza customers will enjoy convenient, palate-pleasing snacks through innovative bakery kiosks.

“This is one of those moments in Wetzel’s history that cannot be overstated. It is the start of a special relationship between our fun-loving snacking brand and the iconic retailer,” says Jennifer Schuler, CEO of Pasadena, Calif.-based Wetzel’s Pretzels. “Both brands are making bold strides through experiential and product innovations, creating a strong fit and reciprocal relationship that works extremely well.”

Like all Wetzel’s locations, the novel bakery format offers shoppers the same fresh, high-quality pretzels they have come to expect at traditional mall locations. Likewise, the kiosk at Macy’s South Coast Plaza highlights the flexibility of the Wetzel’s concept, scaling to fit into kiosk-size spaces and within larger food courts and other mid-mall venues.

“Food is an important part of our customer experience, and Macy’s South Coast Plaza is thrilled to open the very first Wetzel’s Pretzels kiosk in our store,” adds Adriana Quince, Macy’s South Coast Plaza store manager. “As we evolve to meet our customer’s changing needs, we’re confident that Wetzel’s Pretzels will be a tremendous partner by offering handheld happiness.”

Radiating its signature West Coast vibe, Wetzel’s was founded in Pasadena more than 25 years ago and has grown to command a strong following in the communities it serves. The brand inspires a fanatical following with its colorful presence, “gram-worthy” snacks and the small moments of pure pretzel bliss it produces with friends, family and colleagues.

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