Wetzel’s Pretzels, (Wetzel’s) the innovative snacking leader, is putting its twist on two traditional Latin treats, launching the perfectly portable and delicious duo of Frozen Horchata and Choco Churro Bitz. 

“Known for a history of new product development, we like to build upon our core offerings, providing elevated iterations that reflect the flavors of our diverse fanbase and keep them excited about what we’ll be twisting up next,” says Wetzel’s Pretzels Chief Marketing Officer Kim Freer. “We were overwhelmed by our guests’ wildly enthusiastic response to the Choco Churro product when it was featured at our flagship Downtown Disneyland location last year. Due to its immense popularity and an outpouring of fan requests to make it available at their local Wetzel’s bakery, we knew we had to take the menu innovation systemwide, complementing it with a fitting beverage partner.”

The new Frozen Horchata takes the sweet rice milk’s classic flavor and sprinkles in some Wetzside innovation for a creamy, cool and refreshing concoction, topped off with cinnamon. The cin-sational beverage pairs perfectly with the new Choco Churro Bitz, making for an instagrammable, craveable combination. It takes the brand’s beloved Cin-A-Bitz, drizzling the fan-favorite with a rich dulce de leche and Ghirardelli chocolate sauce for a sweet tooth’s dream. This lip-smacking twosome reflects the iconic brand’s fun-loving and innovative spirit but is only available for a limited time.

“When looking to bring this idea to life, we knew we had to find a like-minded organization that shares our passion for quality,” says Freer. “We’re proud to partner with Ghirardelli in the creation of these satisfying snacks as they too are a strong, West Coast-based brand with an international reputation for providing premium products. Wetzel’s fans have high expectations, and our goal is to exceed them with every bite.”

Every Wetzel’s Pretzels bakery lives by the original vision of its founders — that each super-premium pretzel be crafted from fresh dough and baked in-store consistently throughout the day, to ensure sweet or savory perfection for each guest, regardless of when the craving for a pretzel strikes. This foundation of freshness, commitment to using high-quality ingredients and focus on modern menu development has contributed to its industry-leading AUVs, a record store pipeline and an ever-growing fanbase. 

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