Wetzel’s Pretzels (Wetzel’s), the nation’s fun-loving pretzel brand, formulated the perfect recipe for 2023, reflecting on a year of exceptional growth, innovation and industry recognition. 

Wetzel’s opened approximately 40 stores throughout 2023 following its acquisition by Montreal-based MTY Food Group, Inc. (MTY). The brand also expanded its reach internationally with the highly anticipated opening of Wetzel’s in Toronto, furthering its presence into a previously untapped market and fitting with its growing number of locations in popular and high-profile destinations. With a record franchise development pipeline, Wetzel’s continues to grow its core mall footprint, while unlocking new pathways for expansion. The brand is going full throttle with its quickly growing food truck fleet and creating new store opportunities through partnerships with high-profile retailers like Walmart, Macy’s and convenience stores. As Wetzel’s bakes its way into 2024, the brand is eager for another banner year filled with inaugural achievements like its 30th anniversary and 400th store opening. 

“In 2023, we set the new standard as to what a pretzel brand can achieve,” says Vincent Montanelli, COO & Brand Leader at Wetzel’s. “From strategic expansions into Eastern Canada to the flourishing expansion of our food truck fleet, exclusive partnerships with major retailers and the debut of Twisted by Wetzel’s, we have propelled to new heights. We even introduced a new app that enabled seamless mobile ordering, showcasing our dedication to our customers’ convenience. Our current momentum combined with our growth strategy and development goals positions us as a standout leader in the snacking industry. As we look into 2024, we’re in a prime spot to ‘bring pretzels to the people’ in more ways than one with some bold initiatives ahead.”

Innovation reigned supreme at Wetzel’s in 2023 with the introduction of Twisted by Wetzel’s, a dynamic streetside concept revolutionizing the pretzel experience. Designed for in-store dining, grab-and-go, and online ordering, Twisted by Wetzel’s brings ‘pretzels to the people’ in an entirely new setting, expanding menu offerings and boosting customer acquisition. Launched in La Habra, California, and Surprise, Arizona, the concept opened a third location in South Gate, California in January 2024.

“As we expand our nationwide and international presence, we have full confidence in furthering Wetzel’s reach in 2024,” says Jon Fischer, Head of Development at Wetzel’s. “Thanks to the committed, high-caliber owners and operators we seek, we always can anticipate a positive reception from the community.”

As the brand steps into 2024, it’s gearing up to tantalize taste buds with boundary-pushing collaborations. Partnerships in 2023 with Ghirardelli and Tajín have birthed fan-favorite creations like Frozen Horchata, Choco Churro Bitz, S’mores Bitz and the Guava Mangonada drink. The innovative products also emerging from Twisted by Wetzel’s menu development provided a solid foundation for future menu creations. With big plans to celebrate its 30thanniversary with nostalgic flavors, Wetzel’s remains dynamic in the snack category, reminiscing on fan favorites and pretzel classics heading into the new year.

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