Industry News | August 2, 2013

At WFF Event, Bachelder Lauds Service-Oriented Business

AFC Enterprises, parent company of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, chief executive officer Cheryl Bachelder addressed hundreds of executives at the Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) 11th Annual Executive Summit. Bachelder’s presentation, The Legacy of Your Leadership, addressed different leadership styles and expressed the benefits of a service-oriented approach.


“The research is staggering,” Bachelder says. “Most employees say they would rather have a new boss than receive a pay raise. This hurts productivity, performance, and people. We can do better and we must.”


Bachelder explained that leadership models built around power and achievement have been valued and celebrated in our culture. However, too often, these models benefit the individual leaders. Bachelder pointed to a third model, service, which is about pursuing a win with high integrity for the people and for the enterprise. Bachelder said the most important question executives can ask themselves is: are people better off because of your leadership?


Bachelder has more than 30 years of experience in brand building, operations, and public-company management. In 2012, Bachelder was recognized as Leader of the Year by WFF and received the highest industry award, the Silver Plate, for the quick service restaurant sector, presented by the International Food Manufacturer's Association.

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