Industry News | November 11, 2011

What Do You Want McD's Fries With? Tell Your Story, Win $$

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McDonald's today kicked off its "You Want McDonald's Fries With That" Contest and Weekly Drawing, which encourages people to share what they want McDonald's Fries with for a chance to win $25,000 and make their crispy, golden dreams come true. Consumers nationwide can enter at by January 1, 2012.

Made from high-quality potatoes and prepared in a proprietary canola-blend cooking oil, McDonald's French Fries are prepared with quality ingredients and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The "You Want McDonald's Fries With That" Contest and Weekly Drawing celebrates the aspects of McDonald's Fries and the moments made better with a side of french fries.

"From graduations to weddings to vacations, McDonald's Fries make the best occasions even better," says Georgina Roy, director of customer engagement and alliances at McDonald's. "McDonald's 'You Want McDonald's Fries With That' promotion celebrates how great moments in our lives are made better with a side of McDonald's delicious fries. We're excited to see our customers' creative contest entries and look forward to awarding people with prizes for their participation."

To enter, people simply need to share what they want McDonald's Fries with, in 60-characters or less, and why they deserve to win, in 400 characters or less.

Consumers have until January 1, 2012, to enter, when a panel of judges will identify five finalists. Those finalists will then be open to a consumer vote, who will help decide the one person to receive the Grand Prize: $25,000 in cash toward what they want McDonald's Fries with. All finalists will receive one $500 McDonald's Arch Card. Winners will be announced on or about February 20, 2012.

In addition to the contest, consumers can also enter a weekly drawing for $50 Arch Cards at There will be 40 winners each week from November 11 until February 12, 2012, and people can enter once per day. Also, consumers who enter the Contest will be given the option to be entered into the weekly drawing.


I think fries would taste exellent with Honey Mustard sauce!!! As to what I will do with the cash, well, let's just say that in involves surgery.

I have loved your fries since 1967 when I first tasted them along with your fish sandwich. It has also been a favorite of mind since them. Other fish sans do not compare! McD's fries are always fresh and so tasty. to use them as an edible spoon with the shakes!

It will be good if mcdonald an buger king can be side by side cause i drive to buger king for they whopper sandwish an go to mcdonald for they fresh tasty fries eat that together mymymy . If I win the cash i will paid my all my bills an by my childrens cloths and shoes.


McFries (d/b/a McDonald's Fries) as best when hot and seasoned to perfection and catsup dipped while eating McNuggets. Try them in the McNuggets dipping sauce too.

My son and I love Mcdonalds fries. He likes them crispy and I like them squishy lol=) He likes his fries dipped in mint choclate chip icecream and I like them with my steak dipped in basalmic vinager. I really think that would make a great "new" meal for mcdonalds. steak and fries. If I won the money I would give half of it to operation smile to help kids and babies born with cleft lips and palates have the surgery they need. My son was born with cleft lip and palate and we were fortunate enough to have the surgery paid for in full. So anyway I could help someone else going through what he went through would be amazing. Then I would use the rest of the money to go on a family vacation. It would be our first.

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