Industry News | March 2, 2012

What Food Saw 95 Billion Servings in 2011?

As interest in Asian cuisine grows among American diners, puts numbers behind the popularity of Ramen noodles. See the site's infographic below.

“Asian food tends to be a little more interesting, especially for the growing number of consumers tired of the same old thing—burgers and deep fried,” says Arnold Shain, founder of Costa Mesa, California–based consultant Restaurant Group Inc.

“People perceive Asian cuisine as a better way of eating and [as] more healthful, because it has less red meat and more noodles, rice, and vegetables.”

We Love Ramen Infographic
Created by: Hack College


Talk about the fat content all you want, but the sodium content is through the roof. Eat three bowls of noodles a day and you're asking for a high blood pressure and a coronary or stroke.

Just remember that ONE package of ramen noodles is actually TWO servings . . . so when you are making your budget meals and calculating your calories and fat, count accordingly!

What about the refined carbohydrates? This food promotes obesity...

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