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    What Sriracha Shortage? Texas Pete Debuts New Sauce

  • Industry News December 17, 2013

    TW Garner Food Company added CHA! by Texas Pete sriracha sauce to its line of sauce flavors.

    “TW Garner has an 85-year history of being a preferred hot-sauce provider to foodservice under its Texas Pete brand,” says Steve DeCorte, the company’s general sales manager. “Consistent flavor with fewer preservatives and a new, affordable price will make CHA! by Texas Pete the new favorite sriracha sauce of foodservice operators.”

    “We’ve all witnessed the growth of sriracha sauce over the past decade within almost every cuisine,” says Michael O’Donnell, TW Garner’s corporate executive chef and national accounts manager. “CHA! by Texas Pete is out to capture a significant share of the foodservice market.”

    The sriracha sauce was developed to match the existing flavor, consistency, and color of other popular sriracha sauces so that chefs could easily make the switch without altering their recipes. The CHA! by Texas Pete formula also has fewer preservatives than the leading brand.

    “For those who have yet to discover the versatility of sriracha sauce, CHA! by Texas Pete can be one of their most important flavor discoveries in 2014,” O’Donnell says. “The bold, balanced flavor of our sriracha sauce is perfect for any daypart in any segment on almost any menu item.”

    Named for a coastal city in Thailand, sriracha sauce’s early positioning as an Asian sauce has evolved over time into a hot-sauce flavor that can add its unique taste to almost any cuisine. Launched originally in small Asian restaurants in southern California, the growth of the flavor has become a major trend for 2014.

    “TW Garner Food Company will help operators ride the wave of consumer demand with quick and easy recipes that complement a variety of menus,” O’Donnell says. “From drizzling sriracha across a center-of-the-plate item to adding one or two ingredients for a unique, signature sauce, we will offer culinary support no other sriracha sauce manufacturer currently offers.”