Industry News | August 5, 2010

What is Value? Del Taco Thinks Its 39 Cents

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Del Taco announced that it is blowing up the definition of value of its 59-cent regular taco and, for a limited time, introducing a new price of 39 cents.

“Our competition may ask, is Del Taco ‘out of control?’ Our tacos were already a great value—but 39 cents is insane value,” says John Cappasola, vice president of marketing at Del Taco. “Actually, we think this promotion is the right idea at just the right time. The economy is at a stand still, and at this price, Del Taco fans can go crazy for our great tasting tacos.”

Cappasola reminds that the only thing that’s changing is the price. “Seasoned beef, freshly grated cheddar cheese, and crisp lettuce on a crunchy or soft shell,” he says. “It’s the same delicious Del Taco taste but now for just 39 cents.”