Whataburger, a quick service restaurant chain servicing the southern and southwestern United States, has executed a contract to deploy a number of XPIENT Solution’s applications including their IRIS (Intelligent Restaurant Information System) point of sale with integrated credit and debit processing, back office, eKitchen, eSign, Dashboard and Enterprise Data Manager.

“What makes our selection particularly satisfactory is the thoroughness of Whataburger’s evaluation process,” said Christopher Sebes, Chief Executive Officer of XPIENT. “This was a most rigorous and demanding selection process and our competitors who participated said essentially the same thing.

Over a period of more than a year, Whataburger’s technical and operations people examined every aspect of our products and our competitor’s products, demanded proof of every capability and talked extensively to our customers. We are very proud to have been chosen as Whataburger’s technology solutions partner.”

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