Whataburger announced that it is recognizing the 36,864 different ways customers can order a burger with a new custom T-shirt promotion. T-shirts can be designed using an interactive portion of Whataburger’s Web site.

The T-shirt designs are based on the brightly colored round ingredient stickers the company uses to mark special requests. The online T-shirt design process starts with customers choosing up to nine dots from 11 different options: mayo, no lettuce, jalapeno, dry, plain, special, no onion, no tomato, bacon, no pickle, or ketchup. As customers click on each of the dots to add them to their shirt on the Web page, the Whataburger photo to the left of the dots changes, letting customers see what their Whataburger looks like as they customize their shirt.

Next, customers see a preview of their shirt design and then finalize details like the shirt’s style, color, and size. Customers’ shirts are then screen printed with their favorite Whataburger order in the corresponding ingredient stickers and the company’s logo. The design can be changed multiple times, whether it is one large blue “special” sticker, signifying special directions like grilled onions or a burger cut in half, or nine smaller stickers of varied colors.

“Whataburger has extremely passionate and dedicated customers who order their custom-made burger week in and week out,” says Todd Coerver, vice president of marketing and innovation for Whataburger Restaurants LP. “The shirts are a reflection of what makes Whataburger special. It’s all about getting great-tasting, quality food made precisely the way they want it, and now, they can show off their orders on a shirt.”

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