Industry News | October 6, 2011

Whataburger to Launch First New Ads in 9 Years

Whataburger is getting ready to launch its first new marketing campaign in nine years, one that focuses on what an executive says is the brand’s most important quality: its people.

Rich Scheffler, group director of marketing at Whataburger, says performance results were not to blame for rolling out a new campaign, as sales have consistently grown the last nine years. Instead, the company wanted to refocus its message to reinforce its authenticity.

“We’ve told a story in different ways throughout those nine years, and what it came down to was really what we wanted to talk about next, and that’s one of the things that makes Whataburger different: its people, the service they provide, and the food they prepare,” he says.

Not only will Whataburger showcase real customers, employees, and food in its new advertisements, but the 61-year-old, San Antonio–based brand will also deliver the ads across a wider digital spectrum.

“The way people are consuming media, watching media today is changing quite a bit,” Scheffler says. “They’re consuming it on their smartphones, they’re watching TV digitally on their laptops, and consuming in a lot of different ways. … So we’re shifting our media, adapting to that.”

Whataburger’s new marketing efforts will be featured in traditional outlets such as TV, radio, and outdoor signage, but will also expand more into social media and mobile marketing. This includes interactive advertisements on Facebook and Hulu.

The company is also reinforcing its outreach to Hispanic customers through the new marketing campaign. TV and radio spots in some markets will feature Spanish-speaking employees and customers, the first time Whataburger has focused a “full-blown” campaign specifically on that demographic, Scheffler says

“We have a great strength in these markets,” he says. “The Hispanic market has certainly grown—that’s no secret to anyone—it’s continuing to grow, and we thought it was time to expand our efforts with them.”

By Sam Oches

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