Putting a new twist on a company classic, Whataburger's new Honey Mustard Whatachick'n Club is now available for a limited time. The perfectly balanced flavors feature a combination of the sweetness and tanginess found in Whataburger's Signature Honey Mustard.

Whataburger’s take on this all-American sandwich starts with crispy chicken, sizzling bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, and fresh lettuce and tomatoes — all before being topped off with sweet and tangy honey mustard.
“This is how Whataburger does a Club Sandwich,” says Whataburger VP of marketing and innovation Rich Scheffler. “Everyone can appreciate the makings of a good club sandwich, but our version includes a crispy Whatachick’n filet and the perfect sauce, our signature Honey Mustard Sauce, for a unique taste that customers will savor down to the last bite.”

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