Quiznos, one of the nation’s premier quick-service restaurant chains and pioneer of the toasted sandwich, announced the launch of three new product innovations, including Quiznos’ Pulled Pork Subs, fresh Farmers’ Market Salads, and whole grain Flatbread Wraps.

The product lines are the latest signature tastes to come from former fine-dining chef and Quiznos SVP of Culinary Creation Zach Calkins’ “Innovation Kitchen.”

Quiznos and Calkins are known for closely examining dining trends and converting them to unique Quiznos quick-service recipes. Through Quiznos innovative process, Calkins identified the dining trend toward pulled pork sandwiches and optimized the concept for Quiznos menu. The Southern BBQ Pulled Pork and the Pork Cuban are the latest examples of how Quiznos delivers a depth of flavor from toasting layers of premium meats, cheeses, crunchy veggies, and custom sauces.

“Pulled pork has been rising in popularity recently and this trend represented an opportunity to further expand our chef-inspired menu offerings,” Calkins says. “My tasting trips to Chicago, San Francisco, and the American South served as culinary inspiration for Quiznos’ Pulled Pork Subs and elevated the standard for quick-service flavor and taste. We’ve been developing these flavors over the past four months, and they are definitely ready for prime time.”

In addition to the new Pulled Pork Subs, Quiznos is also introducing new whole grain Flatbread Wraps and fresh Farmers’ Market Salads to its menu. Customers can get any of Quiznos’ signature chef-inspired sub recipes in a healthy, fiber-rich whole grain wrap, toasted for a light meal. The Farmers’ Market salads bring the fresh and delicious tastes of summer farmers’ markets to customers nationwide.

“Our success at Quiznos has always come from listening to what our customers want and responding with our recipe-driven approach to menu innovation,” says Quiznos CEO Greg MacDonald. “With the addition of our whole grain Flatbread Wraps and new Farmers’ Market Salads, we have tastes and unique recipes that are on trend with what our customers are purchasing at fine-dining establishments, customized to deliver the value and quality for which Quiznos is known.”

The new Farmers’ Market Salads include the Harvest Chicken Salad, enhanced by pumpkin seeds and Acai Vinaigrette, and the Caprese Chicken Salad, featuring fresh mozzarella pearls marinated in Basil Pesto dressing. Both are available nationwide for a limited time only.

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