, a seven-year old national online restaurant display advertising company, announced today the expansion of its services to include a Web site dedicated to the display of special menus during these unusual times. This includes all special offerings such as recession menus, stimulus menus, early bird menus, and happy hours, along with lunch and dinner discounts.

“This new site moves the traditional blackboard menus from the sidewalk to the internet super highway and enables restaurants to easily get the word out about their value-oriented menus and offerings to many more people” says USMenuGuide President Ron Davis. “Many restaurants do not put their specials on their own website because of the technical costs involved. With MenuBear, a restaurant can create menus and the information out to regular customers as well as attract new ones without any Web site development costs”.

The service is open to all restaurants, not just current clients.

“It’s very simple” says Mr. Davis. “A restaurant manager goes to, completes a simple registration, and enters their special menu or offering. The information is immediately posted. As items or prices change, the restaurant manager can go online at any time on any computer and make adjustments. The system will also send an e-mail or text alert to customers when any of their favorite restaurants adds a new menu.

For consumers it’s simple to find a menu that matches their needs. To find a special, consumers log onto to, enter a zip code, and immediately get a display of what is available in their area. They could also enter the name or telephone of their favorite restaurant and go directly to that menu. Searches can also be further refined by category (Breakfast, Lunch, Early Bird, Happy Hour, Dinner), by price range, or by type of cuisine.