The Whimsy Cookie Company, known for its secret sugar cookie recipe, is now adding coffee and caramel to their menu. Whimsy, alongside Memphis based J. Brooks Coffee Roasters have developed two roasts exclusive to the cookie company. In addition, the cookie franchise is partnering with Memphis famed Shotwell Candy Co. in an effort to propel all the brands forward across the USA.

Whimsy will be selling their two blends by the cup and in 12-ounce. ground coffee bags in stores and online. The blends include Morning Whimsy, a light breakfast blend that has bright, citrus notes in a velvety body, and Magic Roast, a medium bean with pleasant stone fruit notes and a smooth milk chocolate finish. Both blends consisting of 100 percent specialty beans from Costa Rica and Peru.

“As a quality coffee roaster in the same hometown as Whimsy’s headquarters, we know our product will help Whimsy fans enjoy their treats even more,” said John Pitman. “We are thrilled to help Whimsy bring our passion and expertise with quality coffee to their menu nationwide.”

Shotwell Candy Co, known for its addicting and gourmet caramel and toffee candies, is a national award-winning and acclaimed Memphis business. Shotwell Candy is the life’s work of Founder & Owner Jerrod Smith who started making caramel in his home kitchen at night after coming home from his day working as an attorney and after his family had gone to sleep. Family and friends pitched in when orders for their candies piled up and today the brand continues to gain popularity.

“One of the most important things to our brand is staying true to who we are, and we’re excited to partner with Whimsy because they also reflect these values,” said Shotwell founder Jerrod Smith. “They are dedicated to their products and devoted to their customers, and this is a great opportunity for us to work together with one common goal.”

Capturing the hearts of all who take a bite of their famous cookies, Whimsy has become well-loved by people nationwide. Some of the most notable Whimsy fans include Reese Witherspoon, Emma Thompson, Tim McGraw, and Miranda Lambert. With specialties ranging from everyday sugar cookies, cookie sandwiches, gooey butter cookies, to any of the vast amount of themed or holiday-centered cookies, everyone is sure to find a treat that suits them.

“I couldn’t be more grateful to see all three of our local brands coming together during a crisis,” said Whimsy President John Kutac. “Whimsy Cookie Company is thrilled we have been able to work together to bring all of our hometown Memphis-based brands forward in 2020.”

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