Moviegoers eagerly awaiting Lionsgate’s highly anticipated motion picture adaptation of Borderlands, one of the most popular videogame franchises in the world, are going to need provisions — and White Castle, the Crave icon and inventor of The Original Slider, has them covered.

In anticipation of the film’s theatrical release on Aug. 9, White Castle is offering limited-edition retail and restaurant packaging that features fan-favorite Borderlands characters. The special Borderlands-themed designs can be found on six-count packs of White Castle 100% beef Sliders (Original, Classic Cheese, and Jalapeño Cheese) in grocery stores across the U.S. as well as on the Crave Clutch and large soft drink cups in White Castle restaurants.

The movie-themed packaging includes unique QR codes that will allow anyone with a smartphone to enjoy seven different augmented reality (AR) experiences that bring Claptrap, a robot with attitude to spare, from planet Pandora featured in Borderlands right here to Earth. The packaging and AR options promise to bring fans of both White Castle and Borderlands an unforgettable experience.

This is White Castle’s largest-ever partnership for a film release.

“Just when you think there wasn’t any room to improve Sliders, this collaboration with Borderlands is upping the ante by allowing Cravers across the country to bring this awesome franchise directly into Castles as well as into their own kitchens and dining rooms,” says Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “Sliders are a great option to enjoy while you’re gaming with friends at home, pre-gaming before heading to see Borderlands, or recapping the movie when it’s over. We’re all about summertime fun, and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Lionsgate and this big, fun summer movie.”

The award-winning Borderlands franchise, which has been lauded by critics and over the years, has built a passionate global fan base. Set in the frontier of a sci-fi universe, Borderlands is best known for Gearbox’s blending of irreverent humor and characters with a unique art style, and co-operative four-player, genre-bending, loot-grabbing gameplay.

White Castle, which has encouraged customers to “follow your crave” for more than a century, is a long-time favorite of gamers because Sliders are delicious, easy to hold while gaming, and shareable with friends.

How the Immersive Augmented Reality Experience Works

To commemorate this epic collaboration, White Castle is offering seven exclusive AR experiences, allowing Borderlands fans to immerse themselves in the Borderlands universe. Customers can activate one of the AR experiences by using their smartphones to scan a QR code, which can be found on specially designed Borderlands packaging for the following items:

Six-count packs of retail White Castle Sliders:

  • Original
  • Classic Cheese
  • Jalapeño Cheese
  • Restaurant Sliders and beverages:
  • The Crave Clutch (20 Sliders)
  • Three different large soft drink cups
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